Division of Control and Mechatronics Engineering

Undergraduate Study


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Mechatronics)

The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are statements that describe the expected graduates’ achievements after a few years of graduation.  Table 1 shows the educational objectives for the programmes offered by Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) and its targets of achievement.

Table 1: Programme educational objectives and the targets

FKE has set a five (5) year period after graduation for the assessment of PEO achievement.  Alumni Survey and Employer Survey are two indirect assessments that have been used to measure the achievement of PEOs.  The Employer Survey is meant to obtain feedbacks from the industries on performance of our alumni with respect to the PEOs whereas Alumni Survey is meant to get info about the alumni’s professional development.

CMED is currently offering one main undergraduate degree program which is, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Mechatronics) – [SKEM]. Mechatronics Engineering is a new engineering field which combine engineering fields such as Electronic, Electric, Mechanical, Control, Software, Computer and Information Technology.

This field has become rapidly increasing and expanding within industries especially in manufacturing industry since the significance of micro processing and micro control is recognized its significance in industrial control. Furthermore, Mechatronics is the technology behind the smart products, which typically includes microprocessor, control system and mechanical field. An engineer equipped with knowledge, experience and specialization in Mechatronics field is a pre-requisite for any up and running industry.


Mechatronics engineer utilizes the use of computer and digital control system for controlling processes within an industry. They combine electrical science, control, mechanical, robotic and manufacturing to fabricate a wide variety of products. These include everyday household such as washing machine, camera, photocopier machine and car anti locking brake as well as high-tech computer control machines operated in manufacturing and fabrication industries. Regardless of its discipline, an engineer will encounter usage of mechatronic systems at one stage of their working life.

In view of that, this program is offered to equip graduates with a vast knowledge on electronic, microcontrollers, robotic, automation, control engineering, and production engineering areas.  Those whose expertise revolves around these areas, are extremely required by the existing industries.  Graduates who are highly skilled in and capable of narrowing the gap between mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, will have an immense advantage of employment.