ExCEL Workshop

Extra-Curricular Experiential Learning (ExCEL) Workshop for First Year and Second Year Students.

Extra-Curricular Experiential Learning (ExCEL) is a University general course designed to recognize students’ engagement in extra-curricular activities. Indirectly, this course will encourage students to better appreciate the learning process that occurs through the extra-curricular activities. This course utilizes experiential learning, self-reflection and case study approaches in its process of learning and teaching.

The ExCEL course is implemented starting with students’ intake of the 2018/2019 session for all Bachelor’s Degree programme curriculum using UKQE 3001 as the course code. For students’ intake of session 2019/2020 onwards, the course code used is UKQT 3001. The course is offered in the Bachelor’s Degree programme curriculum at any semester between the fifth and the eighth.

To ensure the students received the information on how to implement this course, School of Electrical Engineering has taken the initiative to organize an ExCEL workshop for each program. This workshop was held on 15th November 2019, from 2.30pm until 4.45pm at P19, DK6 for SEEE and SKEE program, P19 DK4 for SEEM and SKEM and N24 DK8 for SEEL and SKEL program.

A great appreciation to all invited speakers, Associate Professor Dr Nor Fadila Bt. Amin @ Mohd. Amin from Undergraduate Studies Unit (UGS) , Associate Professor Dr Leow Pei Ling and Associate Professor Dr Rubita Bt. Sudirman from SKE for their willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to make this event successful. Also thanks to the Program Directors and coordinators as well as some SKE staff with the help from JURUTEK volunteers who organized this meaningful event for the first year and second year students.