Photonic Research Laboratory

About Lab:

Welcome to the Photonics Lab in the Electrical Engineering Department at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The lab serves as a focus for the research and development of photonic sensor, devices, and integrated components. The lab aims to facilitate the development of photonic related technologies in the Asia Pacific region. 

We perform basic research, conduct experimental studies, fabricate and test prototype devices. Our projects mostly involve experimental studies of sensors and Telco devices.  Research activities include novel device design and modeling, characterization, and analyses, device fabrication and applications. Researchers and students in our lab are encouraged to explore various related areas of research for novel applications. This lab also supports for Final year students to do their projects that related to photonic technology.

Contact Person:

Lab Head:
Dr. Muhammad Yusof Bin Mohd Noor
Phone: +607-5557220
Assistant Engineer
Norhidayu Binti Basir
Phone: 075535280
Lab location : P03-328

Any Inquiries

Facility Manager
Dr. Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusof

Assistant Engineer
Mrs.Norlela Bt. Saihen

Equipment & Apparatus

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