Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

About Lab:

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory is under the ECE Department, FKE. Currently, the Head of the Laboratory is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zuri Bin Sha`ameri. Assitant Engineer is assigned to the lab to ensure the smoothness of the lab`s operations.This website provides the information needed to guide students in preparing for experiments:  lab schedule (SEC schedule, SEL schedule, SEP schedule), timetable (timetable), division of students` groups, grouping of student (SEC grouping, SEL grouping, SEP grouping ) name), experimental procedures and downloadable lab sheets.Beginning semester 1/2008/2009, a new 4th Year lab format will be introduced that requires active participation from the students. This is known as PROBLEM BASE LAB (PBL).The DSP Lab also supports the research activities of the Digital Signal and Image Processing (DSIP) Research Group under the Infocomm Research Alliance (IcRA). The scope of research includes signal and spectrum analysis, HF digital communications applications, signal detection, security & surveillance, pattern analysis & recognition, biometric, industrial & agricultural based image processing.

Contact Person:

Lab Head:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zuri B Sha`ameri
Phone: +607-5535416
Assistant Engineer
Jeffri Bin Ismail
Phone: 075535289
Lab location : P04-421

Any Inquiries

Facility Manager
Dr. Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusof

Assistant Engineer
Mrs.Norlela Bt. Saihen

Equipment & Apparatus

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