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About Lab:

Simulation Laboratory was located under the CONTROL AND MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING DIVISION (CMED), SKE. The laboratory provides 30 pcs of desktop and nine 3D printers. It is used to facilitate computer-aided teachings and learnings with fully licenced software packages such as Solidworks 2014, Matlab 2014, Labview, Microsoft Offices and Internet browsing. This laboratory also provides education tools such as NI MYRIO-1900, NI Kits: Starter Kit, NI MYRIO Kits: Embedded Kit, and NI Elvis III. Students are also able to access e-mail and e-learning facilities provided by the faculty and university 

This lab is currently supervised by Ts, Dr. Anita Ahmad as the Academic Coordinator and Mr. Fairus Foat as the Assistant Engineer. The Assistant Engineer will ensure the smoothness of the laboratory operations. 

This web page provides a brief information on the software and available equipments that will benefit the students in their learning process.

Simulation Laboratory

Room P08-310

Control And Mechatronic Dept.

School Of Electrical Engineering
Faculty Of Engineering
University Technology Malaysia
81310 Skudai
Tel : 07-5535722 Ext : 35722

Contact Person:

Lab Head:
Dr. Lim Cheng Siong
Phone: +607-5535719
Assistant Engineer
Fairus Bin Foat
Lab location : P08-310

Any Inquiries

Facility Manager
Dr. Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusof

Assistant Engineer
Mrs.Norlela Bt. Saihen

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