Studying in UTM: Living cost and accommodation


Living Cost

The cost of living for international students studying at UTM Johor Bahru is reasonably low compared to international standards, and can vary from USD200–USD400 a month depending on individual needs and lifestyle (assuming single, excluding accommodation and transport). UTM provide bus services within the campus. All  the necessary  facilities  and  amenities  are  readily  available  within  the  campus  and  its vicinity for the convenience of the students.

Your spending patterns may be different from depending on your preferences and lifestyle. It can be difficult to estimate how much you are likely to spend as a student until you have settled down for a period of time.  As such, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient finance to support both your living expenses and tuition fees throughout the duration of studies.



  • On-campus: International students do not need to reserve their accommodation before coming to UTM as rooms in residential colleges are available. The cost of on-campus accommodation for single students is approximately USD100-200 per month. Limited family housing are also available on-campus for approximately USD120-250 per month. For further information on on-campus residence, please click here.
  • Off-campus:  Off-campus accommodation around the UTM Johor Bahru campus are available within the radius of 1km–10km. There are various types of accommodation which include apartments, condominiums and terrace houses. The cost of off-campus accommodation can vary from USD100 (2-bedroom unfurnished low-cost apartment) to USD500 (3-bedroom fully-furnished apartment) per month. Students have to make own arrangement for off-campus housing.


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