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Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) (SKEE)

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The Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) programme, codenamed SKEE, is one of the undergraduate programmes offered by the School of Electrical Engineering to prepare graduates for positions as electrical engineers. The SKEE programme has been designed to emphasise not only on the understanding and acquisition of basic principles and skills in the field of electrical engineering, but also on a wide range of subareas including electronics, control systems, instrumentation, signal processing, telecommunications and power systems.

The curriculum of SKEE consists of core and specialised electrical engineering courses, related general education and supporting non-technical courses. Furthermore, the students’ exposure to engineering practices is integrated throughout the curriculum through the combinations of industrial training and invited lectures from industries.

The SKEE programme also provides the students with the opportunities for developing analytical, critical and constructive thinking skills in addition to communication, team-working and life-long learning skills in order to prepare the students for careers as electrical engineers in industries, public sectors, or continuing education at postgraduate levels.


The Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) programme offered by the School of Electrical Engineering is accredited and recognised by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Graduates from the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) may apply to to register with BEM as Graduate Engineer in the  field of Electrical.


The four main choices of specialisation in the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) programme, namely, Power Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Telecommunication Engineering, allows the students to choose their area of specialisation towards the end of their study.

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The 2017/2018 undergraduate handbook of the School of Electrical Engineering, in which you can find detailed programme information, course content and other useful information, can be downloaded here.

Information on how to apply to the undergraduate programmes of the School of Electrical Engineering can be accessed here.